5 Reasons to Search for bargains Online

If the fact that you can score great deals on items that you want and need were not enough to entice you to shop online and search for the many bargains that await you perhaps these 5 reasons to find bargains online will give you the motivation needed to put your fingers to good work and score big.

1. Holidays & Special Occasions

Christmas is typically a time of the year that everyone is gifting those in their family and beyond. With the bargains online available you can get everyone on your holiday list an amazing gift that you may have been otherwise unable to purchase. Don’t forget anniversaries and graduation, too!

2. Shipping to your Door

Once you find and purchase bargains online that you like they are delivered straight to your home within a few days’ time. There is no battling traffic or a crowd of people, yet you’re not missing out on a thing.

3. More Options

You won’t find online auctions available anywhere else but the web! These auctions are a fun and exciting way to score awesome bargains on a ton of different items, from electronics and jewelry to sporting goods and everything in between. MadBid is one of the most popular UK online auction sites around.

4. Better Deals

If you think the local discount stores have great deals you haven’t seen anything until you have scoured the amazing deals that are found online. As mentioned above you can score awesome deals at online auction sites, and they are just one of the options available to you.

5. Everything that you Could Want

When you are online you have the power. No matter what it Is you are looking for you can find it online in a matter of minutes, and can even make comparisons to see that you are getting the best deal on that item.

As you can see there are given great reasons to find bargains online, and there are plenty more where those come from. If you are a person that loves to shop but hates the thought of paying an arm and a leg to obtain the items that you want, make sure that you put all of these ideas to work for you.

The deals that are available are incredible, and all you have to do to make them yours is take advantage!

7 Essential Apps For Smartphones



Google Chrome is the most popular web browser today. It’s highly functional, easy to use, with a neat and simple interface. It’s the app that will make your web browsing experience way more enjoyable, an app that sadly isn’t integrated in most smarphones, and you have to download it yourself. Plus, you can sync the Chrome app with your PC or Mac Chrome, import passwords, bookmarks, favorites etc.


I don’t think there are many smartphone users out there without an active Facebook account. And what good is a smartphone if you can’t work directly with your Facebook account? Everything that one can love about the over 1 billion users social network is available in the FB app, making it easy for you to post on your wall, upload videos, view your newsfeed etc.


If you’re a social media enthusiast, Twitter should be on the same list with Facebook. In fact, Twitter is a service designed for smartphone users. The app notifies you when someone follows you, when someone favorites your tweet, mentions you etc. Via the Twitter app, you can subscribe to various websites and receive Twitter notifications from certain users whenever they submit a new tweet.


Whoever uses the Internet, uses YouTube. Everyone likes to view short and funny videos online, watch their favorite music videos, re-view their favorite movie parts, or follow the weblogs of various users, on YouTube. The beautiful part of this app is that not only you can view any YouTube video, you can always upload, edit and share videos via your smartphone or tablet device.


I’m pretty sure that the idea of using an app to make phone calls with your phone sounds a bit dumb. However, there’s a different point of view when it comes to Skype. This app will allow you to have a video call via Skype with other persons that are not using a phone or tablet. Plus, if you’re playing an online multiplayer game from your smartphone or tablet, Skype can facilitate the communication by a lot.


Your smartphone may not be equipped with the best photo camera available. And if you enjoy taking photos, you may not be very satisfied with their final quality. Instagram comes to correct this aspect, allowing you to use different filters and customizing features, to improve the artistic view of your photos. Plus, your photos can be featured on the Instagram official page and this way you can benefit from a lot of popularity.


Are you a big fan of TV shows and TV movie series? In that case, you probably have a Netflix subscription, and to make it available on your smartphone or tablet, the Netflix app is required.

Smartphones and Apps in Mom’s Life

Some may say that Internet and apps can become an addiction, to everyone, but when it comes to our moms, it can become a completion. By the power of the Internet, smartphone, tablet or laptop, the average mom nowadays can turn into one of the most social persons you can find online, sharing everything from business and shopping deals, too the best cookies and icecream recipes.

Here’s an infographic reflecting the influence and power that apps, Internet and smartphones can give the modern mom:

The Savvy Mom-sumer
The Savvy Mom-sumer infographic



5 Low Budget Business Ideas

There are many ways to start a business with low or no investment at all. All you need is an idea and some basic skills, and some courage to take the world on. So, if you’re tired of looking for a job, here are 5 ideas that might work for you, as a small, self-employed, low budget business.

1. Fitness Instructor

fitnessinstructorHave you been going at a gym for the past years? In that case you’re probably fit and accustomed enough with all the equipment and exercises required for someone to get in shape and/or keep in shape. And the beauty of this is that you don’t have to invest in any equipment to help your clients train, because you can simply use the one at your local gym. You might need a different approach for each of your clients though, and work a little bit on stimulating their confidence and perseverance, but that easy to learn.

2. House Cleaner

housecleanerI’m pretty sure you’ve seen at least a few messy places in your life. And it’s not just those people don’t like to live in a clean place, it’s just that they’re too lazy to clean up or simply they can’t find the time to freshen up their homes and keep them clean and tidy. Again, you don’t need an extraordinary set of skills to be a house cleaner. You’ve done it in your home, you can do it in other people’s homes. Plus, you can specialize in tasks that are rather troublesome for many people, like oven cleaning, furnace cleaning etc.

3. Handyman

handymanThe truth is not everyone can become a skillful handyman. It requires certain knowledge regarding the plumbing systems, electrical systems, roofing, flooring and other aspects of a household. The more you know to do, the better you’ll be seen and further recommended by the people who hire you. Plus it’s hard work, but the pay is also substantial in most cases. Most people would pay a lot to see their broken toilet fixed a.s.a.p., and they surely don’t want to get their hands dirty, when they have the financial possibilities to hire someone for the job.

4. Pest Control Specialist

pestcontrolEspecially if you live in an area where pests as mice, rats, ants, termites, possums, gophers, raccoons (you name it) are a constant and persistent nuisance, you can always start a little business and take care of problems of this nature. Plus, people these days might even pay extra for humanely catch and release of the animals, if it’s possible, due to animal rights concerns. Of course, you’ll have some research to do regarding the substances used, their effect on people and possible house pets.

5. Tutor

tutorHave you been a straight A student in school? Do you think you can teach a certain discipline up to a certain level? Do you play a musical instrument at pro level? In that case, tutoring should be a good gig for you. Or, you can look at this type of business from a different angle. If you can’t supply all the teaching for a certain discipline, you can simply be a middle man, and put various tutors in touch with students or kids in need of education, for a small fee.

Google Glass – What’s it All About?

You’ve probably already heard about the Project Glass on various portals.

The Google Glass is Google’s latest upcoming tech device – a wearable computer with a head mounted display (HMD).

Project Glass’s aim was to build a mass-producible Head Mounted Display computer that can be used everywhere by almost everyone.

How It Feels [through Glass]

The Google Glass device that is about to release shortly (probably by the end of 2013) will display information in a Smart-phone like format. Inputs for the device are entirely voice based unlike other devices that we’ve seen in the past.

It may have some additional buttons at the end of the frame (although it’s highly unlikely).

Augmented reality based wearable mounted displays are not new. Glass gained popularity thanks to Google’s backing and its funding. Professor Steve Mann is credited with the invention of EyeTap – one of the first wearable mounted displays ever invented (in 1981).

Glass Features:

Augmented Reality

Glass and Augmented reality are inseparable. The device will automatically display information it has about whatever thing you’re looking at.

Photography and Video

Google Glass comes with a 5MP camera that can take photos and record 720p HD Video. During recording, a recording light is displayed right above the eyes. It’s unnoticeable and doesn’t affect your peripheral vision.


You can expect Google Glass to just function like your regular smart phones. Applications such as Play, Now, and Maps will be available. The Glass will also be able to display the weather conditions more accurately.

Voice Commands

You can communicate with the Glass device by saying, “Ok Glass, Do this”. The Glass device responds to a variety of different commands. The question is… whether the voice command system Google introduces will be as effective as Siri.


Glass features a bone conduction transducer to convey audio directly without letting the external word hear the sounds.


The default Google Glass device offers up to 12 GB of usable memory storage which is synced with Google cloud.


The battery is capable of functioning for a period of 24 hours – an entire day’s use.


Glass comes with a micro USB cable and charger that can be used to charge your device as needed.


Google Glass will function with almost any Bluetooth-Capable phone although some apps may have other requirements that your phone may not fulfill.

GPS chip

The Glass comes with a GPS chip that will allow you to add a sim card and use your device as a normal cellular phone along with other features such as 3G, Wifi and so on.

Amazing Google Glasses Demonstration by Sergey Brin

Glass Explorer Program

The Google Explorer Program is an early adopter program that Google has offered for developers and consumers to test the product. To get an idea of how many people want Glass in their possession, Google introduced the explorer program on the 20th of February 2013 and ended it on the 27th Feb 2013.

Those selected were required to attend a Google Glass event and then given the device. Applicants were required to apply via twitter with a clear message on why they wanted to be a part of their explorer program and put forth $1500 for the device.

Google is likely to deliver continuous monthly updates to the device and thereby improve its functionality.

Google Glass Design

Even though the idea of augmented reality based wearable mounted displays, Google Glass stood out because it innovated in terms of design.

The Glass Project helped develop a lightweight and an attractive wearable display device that truly delivers. Most devices that were earlier created were rather too heavy.

Glass was offered in the following colors to its explorer applicants – charcoal, tangerine, shale, cotton and sky.

There have been reports of Google looking to partner up with retail glass stores and other big brands to sell Google Glass directly to customers. Currently, the device does not support people who wear prescription glasses. But Google has suggested that it may create future designs that will allow users to put on the device over their existing glasses.

Google Glass Release

According to Google, Glass was supposed to be released in 2014. However, the latest news from Google suggests that Glass may reach the hands of consumers by the end of 2013.

Building New Experiences with Glass

Google Glass – Pros and Cons

The Glass Project from Google has been welcomed positively by most of the population. However, it’s also been severely criticized by another portion. With any technological advancement, there is a pro and a con. The same can be said for Google Glass.


Technological Advancement

Glass is a major technological advancement that is ready to reach the masses. The Nokia Simon Smartphone was the first ever Smartphone ever introduced. But it was never well-received because of the price and its features.

Kyocera 6035 is probably one of the first widely adapted smart phones ever. Even then, consumers did not begin using smart phones actively until Blackberry and the Iphone. It was Iphone and other Android phones that truly brought about the shift.

Earlier prototypes such as the EyeTap can be considered as expensive cool inventions. However, Glass is going to be the only device that will be accessible by the masses with loads of quality features thanks to Google’s backing.

Information right in front of you

Go from information at your fingertips to information right in front of you with the Glass. Whatever you look at, Glass will display the necessary information you need to know. Imagine being able to calculate the height of the Eifel tower by just looking at it.


Privacy Concerns

The Glass has raised many privacy concerns. What if everything you looked at and spoke about is recorded and is easily searchable? It’s a possibility with Google Glass.


Chances of Google displaying ads on your Glass device when you look at things are quite high. Currently, Google has announced that it has no plans for advertising with the Glass device. But it’s likely to change once Glass is well-received by consumers.


Google Glass Infographic by Martin Missfeldt.